COVID-19 Antibody Testing Request

We are currently not able to offer postal test kits – therefore this option has been temporarily disabled.

We are pleased to now be able to offer a COVID-19 IgG CMIA antibody test by our preferred laboratory, The Doctors Laboratory. Should you wish to undertake antibody testing, please fill in the form below. This form must be filled out separately for each patient who would like to be tested.

If you are a new patient to the practice, you should first complete our registration form before proceeding with the below request form.

The Sloane Street Surgery associates the following charges with this service:


  • COVID-19 IgG CMIA antibody test – £160.00
  • Consultation charge £100.00

Test Request

This is the address that you are currently resident at (and would wish to receive a postal kit, if this choice is applicable)

By filling in this field you are consenting to receive a copy of your results by email and accept the practice's privacy policy and data processing policy

If you are a new patient and are yet to register with one of our GPs, select "none yet".

Currently we are not able to offer the postal test kit - all antibody testing must be done in the surgery through an appointment.

I confirm that I wish to have an antibody test and understand that this may involve a consultation (and associated charge) depending on my results. I understand that a positive IgG antibody result indicates previous infection but does not guarantee protection against contracting COVID-19 again.