What we do

Corporate Medical Services

Helping businesses achieve better healthcare

Many organisations have chosen Sloane Street Surgery to take care of the health and well-being of their teams across London and beyond.

Private healthcare for businesses is a fantastic benefit that increases employee engagement and retention. By ensuring your team is healthy, you’re able to get the best out of your people and show them you care about them with actions, not just words.

Why use us?

Access to quality medical care, promptly

You’ll be able to offer fast medical advice to your team, removing the risk of extra sick days or unhappy staff dealing with a medical problem.

Health screening

Whether you’re looking to protect your staff or your organisation, we offer a variety of health checks with our doctors.

Pre-employment medical

When employing a new member of the team, we can offer a thorough medical check to ensure your new starter is healthy.

Confidential employee medical

Allow your staff to seek discreet support for their health problems without fear of judgement.

Return to fitness and work

We can offer clinical certification for your staff as to whether they’re able or unable to return to work after an injury or sustained absence.

Company vaccinations

Offered on-site in your office or at our surgery, our GPs can vaccinate your team.

We’re here for you

Sloane Street Surgery guarantees fast appointments for you and your employees. Whether it’s a medical check for a new starter at our surgery or flu vaccinations for all staff on your premises, we can help.