Invoices are managed through HERO Health. If you wish to pay an invoice, please follow the link here to log into HERO:

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Please note that failing to attend an appointment or canceling at late notice (less than four hours before your appointment time) will incur the full consultation cost.

Member Services
Member’s GP Consultation £190 Book now
Member’s Medical from £420 plus pathology
Member’s Home visit from £380
Member’s Email consultation from £100
Member’s Telephone/Video consultation from £100
Controlled Drug Prescription £50
Sloane Street Surgery Membership (Annual) – £350Book now
Non-Member / Standard Services
Non-Member’s GP Consultation £230 Book now
Telephone/Video consultation from £100
Repeat prescription from £35
Repeat prescription (controlled drug) £60
Firearms License from £50
Fitness to fly from £50
ECG £75 plus GP consultation
Vaccinations Prices available on request

In line with CQC guidelines, our Doctors will issue a maximum of 3-months of medication per prescription. After 2×3 month prescriptions, patients are required to book an appointment. Appointment fees are refundable up to 24 hours prior to the appointment