Practice Staff

A woman GP practice staff working on a computer.

If you need to get in touch with a specific member of the team, you can find their contact details below. To book an appointment you can do it quickly and easily online here.

Photo of Sarah Harrison, practice manager at Sloane Street Surgery.

Sarah Harrison

Practice Manager

Dial: 0207 245 9333

Photo of Yasmin.

Yasmin Abdi

Office Manager & Secretary to Dr Toby Dean

Direct Dial: 020 3879 0031

Photo of Ben Crawford, medical secretary at Sloane Street Surgery.

Benjamin Crawford

Secretary to Dr Patrick Ruane

Direct Dial: 020 3879 0029

Photo of Catrin Manktelow, secretary to Dr Cobb at Sloane Street Surgery.

Catrin Manktelow

Secretary to Dr Iona Cobb

Direct Dial: 0203 879 0028

Photo of Niamh Finnerty, medical secretary.

Niamh Finnerty

Medical Secretary (on leave)

Dial: 0207 245 9333

Photo of Anita Asare, receptionist.

Anita Asare        


Dial: 0207 245 9333

Photo of Jamila Edwards, management accountant.

Jamila Edwards

Management Accountant

Dial: 0207 245 9333

Andrew Baldwin

Director of Compliance

Dial: 0207 245 9333