What we do

Women's Health

Private healthcare for all women

Your health is a priority. It’s our job to take care of you. Sloane Street Surgery offers expert advice and bespoke treatment plans to women of all ages. You’re guaranteed fast access to consultations that aren’t rushed and diagnoses from a doctor you can trust. We also have a highly renowned network of specialists to whom we refer our patients if required.

Well Woman checks

Well Woman checks ensure a better overall health, now and in the future. Alongside our GPs, you can plan for a brighter, healthier future that reduces your risk of illness.

Cervical smear (PAP) & HPV (human papillomavirus) testing

An integral part of women’s health, PAP and HPV tests are available within our surgery at short notice, with your privacy being a priority.

Conducted by a same-sex GP if requested, we can help put your mind at ease and protect you from cervical problems and illnesses. You will always be offered a chaperone.

Breast checks

We offer full breast examination and diagnosis of any breast lump or other breast symptom. We will answer your concerns and provide you with peace of mind.

All examination is conducted with the utmost respect for your privacy and we can provide a same-sex GP if you prefer.

Gardasil (HPV) vaccination

The HPV vaccine, Gardasil 9 is currently offered to all children over the age of 12. We can offer it to older patients if they missed it at school or offer it to your child in a comfortable, relaxed environment if they don’t wish to have their vaccination at school.

By booking an appointment, you can start building protection from HPV and protect your child from an increased risk of cancers in later life.

Sexual health

Getting sexual health problems sorted out fast is a priority. Our GPs can see you quickly, and provide a diagnosis, support and treatment for any sexual illnesses you’re suffering with.


Choosing a contraceptive treatment requires expert analysis and understanding of your body, your circumstances and your preference.

With the advice of an experienced GP, you’ll be able to choose the best option for your lifestyle and regularly check and alter it if necessary.

Fertility advice

Whether you’ve been trying for a baby, or you’re worried about your fertility, our doctors will take time to assess your circumstances and undertake fertility testing to provide answers in a kind and sympathetic way.


We look after you from before you get pregnant until after you have the baby. We offer advice to soon-to-be parents that are struggling to find answers they can trust.

Perimenopause and menopause

The menopause can often have a huge impact on the lives of women, causing a multitude of unwelcome symptoms.

If you’re approaching or experiencing the menopause, we are here to help and offer advice, guidance and treatment options to help make the process easier.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We offer hormone replacement therapy for those that wish to take it.

Referral (when required)

We won’t always be able to solve every health worry within our surgery, but we’ve built a core group of specialists that are nationally and internationally acclaimed.

We’re here for you

Sloane Street Surgery offers fast appointments that get to the root of your health issues, big or small, with a process that’s thorough, empathetic, personal and discreet.