What we do

Sexual Health

Sexual health advice and testing

We understand it can feel embarrassing to mention intimate symptoms to a doctor. We prioritise patient privacy, offer a relaxed environment and solve any problems you may be experiencing.

Getting sexual health problems sorted fast is a priority, as conditions can often worsen over time. Our GPs can see you quickly, take time to understand your circumstances and provide diagnoses, support and treatment for any sexual symptoms you may be suffering with.

Sexual health testing

The first step towards better sexual health is testing. We conduct thorough testing for sexual infections that may be impacting your life, or that you may not even know you had.

Sexual dysfunction

If everything isn’t working quite as it should be, we can help. We offer private assessments that can help discover the root of your issue and implement a treatment plan, all with complete confidentiality.

Get personal support

Your sexual health is integral, not just for you but for others. We help you with discretion and confidence.