The cost of your appointment will reflect the time taken for your consultation,
any additional time outside of the consultation, plus administration costs.
The prices below serve as a guide and may well vary if more time is required.

Please note that these prices do not include charges such as
pathology costs or vaccination costs

For patients using Dr. Naunton Morgan’s home visiting service in and around North Hampshire, the fees can be found here

Standard Services

GP Consultation from £250
New Patient Consultation £350
Short GP Consultation* from £190
Booked Telephone/Video Consultation from £190
Telephone/Email Advice from £100
Out of Hours Telephone Consultation from £250
Medical from £500 + pathology & test charges
Repeat Prescription from £40
Repeat Prescription (controlled drug) £60
Firearms License from £120
ECG £75 + GP consultation
Vaccinations** from £100 + vaccination cost
Blood Test Only £100 + pathology cost
Home Visits^ from £500 + pathology & test charges
Administration Charges^^ from £50
  • * Limited availability for short appointments
  • ** Infant vaccinations will incur a full consultation charge
  • ^ Subject to GP availability. Additional standard consultation charge per additional patient seen.
  • ^^ Based on doctors’ time required


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Consultation fees will reflect the time taken for the appointment, additional time outside of the appointment, plus any administration required.

Failing to attend an appointment or cancelling at late notice (less than four hours before your appointment time) will incur the full consultation cost. The cancellation fee will however be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will not be charged if the individual circumstances show the late cancellation was unavoidable.

All charges are to be settled on the appointment day and non-attendance will be charged at the full rate. All major credit cards are accepted. Invoices can be managed through our online system. If you wish to pay an invoice online, please click here.

Consultations & Referrals

Video and telephone consultations are charged at the same rate as face-to-face appointments and according to the time taken and the work generated.

Telephone advice and email advice will usually incur a charge unless it is related directly to a recent consultation. This will be at the doctors’ discretion.

Referrals to specialists are not usually made without an appointment with your GP. A referral that is made without an appointment will incur a charge.

Please note that there are additional fees for laboratory tests, vaccinations, medications and dressings.

Health Insurance

Most UK insurance companies do not cover GP consultation fees, but some do cover specialist fees for referrals and investigations such as blood tests. We advise you to check with your insurer before booking an appointment or starting any treatment that you would like to claim for.

If you have an international health insurance policy, we are usually able to accept a direct settlement with a valid pre-authorisation number. We work with Cigna International, Cigna Global, Aetna International, Allianz Worldwide Care, AXA International, Geo Blue, Bupa International, Global Benefits Group, and Gulf Insurance Group.

Please note that consultation fees for insured patients are higher than for self-pay due to the increased amount of administration involved and the delay in receiving payment.

Invoices that have not been settled by the insurance provider within nine months of the invoice date will be required to be settled by the patient.

New Patients & Lapsed Patients

New patients to the practice are required to attend a registration appointment, during which the doctor will go through their medical history, medications and health requirements going forward, as well as measure health data such as height, weight and blood pressure as a baseline.

Patients who have not attended the practice in the last 3 years will be required to re-register and book a registration appointment to allow the doctor to gather up-to-date health information and data (height, weight, blood pressure).

Annual Reviews & Prescriptions

We recommend seeing a doctor regularly for health checks. Please discuss the nature and frequency of these checks with your GP.

Patients who are being prescribed regular medication, are required to consult with their doctor at least once a year for a medication review. Without this review, we are unable to continue to prescribe.