Our History

Building signage
Box of surgical tools from the 1900s.

Over 75 years of history

Sloane Street Surgery was founded in 1945 by Dr John Hunt, who was described by the Royal College of General Practitioners as “one of the most distinguished GPs of all time.”

He was the driving force in the Surgery’s foundation, subsequently becoming the first honorary secretary and then the president of the Royal College of General Practitioners, playing a key part in helping form the role and standing of general practitioners in the UK.

A child, happy, sat on a chair inside a private GP office in London.

The present day

We’ve continued to deliver world-class private healthcare, adopting new technology and methodology to ensure we can offer the very best of modern medicine and healthcare practice. Our patients remain our priority. With a team that continues to grow, we’re able to help deliver crucial, personal support from regular checkups to important medical decisions.