What we do

Children And Young Adults

Private healthcare for children and young adults

Your children are your world. They deserve the best and it’s our job to make them feel at home and to give them the very best medical care.

We’re keen to support our younger patients in learning how to describe what’s wrong with them and feel confident in seeking help. With support available for babies, toddlers, children and teens – start your little one’s journey through life with the very best of care at Sloane Street Surgery.

Newborn and baby checks

When you first come home with your baby, there’s nothing more important than knowing your newborn is healthy and you have good care day and night. We offer full care for mothers and babies from when they come home from hospital both in the surgery or at home.

Child development checks

Watching your child grow up is the most exciting (and scary!) part of being a parent. It’s our job to support you and answer all of your questions. The continuity of care that goes with a doctor looking after and getting to know your child as they grow up is so valuable and something our patients really appreciate.

These checks consist of thorough physical examination and developmental assessment that provide insight into your child’s progression and spot any potential problems early. We are also happy to discuss any other questions you might have on the stage of your child’s development such as sleep, weaning, feeding, potty training and behaviour.

Adolescent care / teenage health check

Moving into adolescence brings a lot of challenges for young people and their parents. A health check at this stage of life allows our younger patients the opportunity to ask their doctor any questions and to understand how best to look after their health going forward.

Child and adolescent mental health

Unfortunately, mental health is an issue that impacts millions of young people in the UK every year.

Our GPs are able to explore, diagnose, treat and refer with mental health conditions such as ADHD, ADD, ASD, anxiety and depression.

Routine immunisations (UK, American or European)

We provide routine immunisations for your children and teenagers to keep them safe from preventable illnesses as they grow up. We are happy to follow any country’s vaccination schedule, as appropriate.

Additional childhood vaccinations

We can provide additional child vaccinations for other illnesses, such as BCG (tuberculosis), chicken pox, influenza, hepatitis A and B, meningitis ACWY and meningitis B.

Child travel vaccinations

If you’re taking a child abroad, it may be necessary for them to be immunised against illnesses they’re susceptible to. For a full list, speak to our team.

Chosen by families across the country

We’ve built relationships with patients that last a lifetime. Choose Sloane Street Surgery to guide, protect and support your child with the best medical care.