When can I ask for a home visit?

You are always welcome to phone the surgery to discuss a home visit as an alternative to coming into the surgery. You may wish to do this because you or a family member feels too unwell to travel, or you may wish to do this because you are older and mobility has become more difficult or exhausting. Sometimes, alone with several children at home, you may prefer one of us to come to you rather than you bringing them out.

What time of day do you offer home visits?

We visit throughout the day, and our on-call doctors visit throughout the night and throughout the weekend. We are lucky now to have several excellent regular GPs working with us during the week, which has greatly increased our ability to do home visits. Between them, they are covering clinics on a Saturday morning, and in September, we will be opening clinics in the evenings and on Sundays.

We will therefore be happy to discuss coming into the surgery as an emergency out-of-hours appointment or an out-of-hours home visit if you or a member of your family becomes unwell once the daytime surgery is closed. Do just phone our office number and wait to be connected to our out-of-hours service.

When is it better for me to go to accident and emergency?

If you have an accident that involves a laceration or fracture, or if you develop sudden chest pain, breathlessness or collapse, we will still advise you to attend accident and emergency instead. If you are in any doubt, then do please telephone us, and we can discuss options with you, including referral to a private urgent care centre if that is appropriate.

What geographical postcodes do you cover?

We will look at where you live and the time it takes for us to get there. We are always pleased to travel to you if it is a reasonable travel time, but on occasion, if you live far away, we will need to discuss other options.

Can I ask for an out-of-hours visit for a visitor who is not registered with you?

Yes, please do. If you have a relative or guest staying who becomes acutely unwell, do phone us, as we will be pleased to register them temporarily and look after them whilst they are in London.

Do you visit hotels?

Yes, if you are staying in a nearby hotel, we are happy to visit you in your hotel room instead.

What will a home visit cost?

Our fees are all listed here. We do charge slightly more for a long visit or long travel time, more than one member of the family being consulted or a visit in anti-social hours.

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